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Incylence socks made for performance

With all our socks we trust the same structures, our manufacturers in Italy and Portugal as well as several features: Seamless toes, breathable mesh on top of the foot, compression in the midfoot for extra stability and improved fit as well as a double-layered cuff for extra comfort without slipping. For the different types of socks we chose separate yarns to guarantee maximum quality and functionality. Every yarn is tested and evaluated for sustainability aspects and durability and needs to match highest demands.

Incylence sock features

Incylence sock features ultralight

The main component of our ULTRLALIGHT socks is Dryarn®, a fiber that combines many of the best characteristics: it is ultra light and breathable and at the same time durable and robust. The socks are super thin and wear like a second skin. It’s particularly great in warm conditions and provides a direct contact with the shoe.

Incylence sock features running

The main component of the RUNNING socks is Microlon®, a fiber that offers great characteristics. It is durable, lightweight, breathable and robust. With these socks you get extra comfort and cushioning especially for running. The socks have a tight fit on the feet and provide great stability.

Incylence sock features renewed compression

The socks live up to their name by being made out of 81% recycled yarns. With a graduate and moderate compression of 16-23mmHg the new products are mainly developed for being worn during activities. However you can also use them for recovery or during long travels. With a timeless and classic design, paired with our INCYLENCE DNA, the socks are a visual highlight. The socks have a tight fit at the feet and provide a stable running feel and great cushioning.

Incylence sock features merino

The merino wool socks are a game changer for cold days. The wool is sourced from the traditional German company Suedwolle Group and ticks all the boxes for sustainability and responsibility. It is 100% mulesing-free and guarantees all characteristics that are typical for merino wool: the fiber adapts to the outside conditions and keeps your feet warm and dry when it’s cold and wet outside. At the same time, it keeps your feet cool when the temperatures are rising. The merino wool socks feel super soft on the skin and are a great choice for cycling, running, everyday life, at work or on the sofa.

Incylence sock features merino light

The Merino Light Socks are the perfect choice for transition temperatures. With 40% mulesing-free merino wool, the socks keep your feet warm in cold temperatures and also work in warmer conditions due to the thin processing. To make it short: with the high-quality manufacturing and premium merino wool, the Merino Light Socks are the most versatile socks in the INCYLENCE lineup.

Incylence sock features renewed 97

With the RENEWED 97 socks we use 97% recycled yarns. The main component is ECONYL®, a regenerated Nylon fiber that is recovered from trash such as old fishing nets, carpets or textiles. The RENEWED 97 socks provide great compression around the ankles which adds stability. They have a tight fit on the foot and provide great cushioning especially for running. They are durable and also look great in everyday life.

The RECO® socks are made out of 65% RECO® Nylon, a fiber extracted from pre-consumer waste. Made in Portugal these socks provide great breathability, durability and comfort. Extra cushioning under the forefoot and at the heels guarantee great feel no matter how long or intense the session is.

Incylence sock features high-viz

You’ll definitely shine with these socks and that is good! The colors and reflective elements guarantee highest visibility in dark conditions. 65% of the socks are made of RECO® NYLON, recycled leftovers from other productions. The socks have a tight fit and provide a stable running feel and great cushioning.